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Application Configuration uses PasteDeploy for application configuration. PasteDeploy defines a way to declare WSGI application configuration in an .ini file.

Basic application and plugin configuration is done in the [app:] section of the .ini file.

A complete list of Pyramid related Settings can be found in the Pyramid documentation

Plugin configuration can also be implemented using the .ini file. The settings are passed to the Plugin main hook functions.

Basic application related configuration parameters can be found below.

Static User and Password

If no user database is desired, admin user and an admin password must be defined.

It’s recommended to avoid setting a global superuser via ini file for live deployments.

  • cone.admin_user: Login name of superuser.
  • cone.admin_password: Password of superuser.
  • cone.authenticator: Utility registration name of a impementation.

Authentication Policy Configuration

The application uses the AuthTktAuthenticationPolicy.

The policy gets configured through the following parameters.

  • cone.auth_secret: Cookie encryption password.
  • cone.auth_cookie_name: Defaults to auth_tkt. The name used for auth cookie.
  • cone.auth_secure: Defaults to False. Only send the cookie back over a secure connection.
  • cone.auth_include_ip: Defaults to False. Make the requesting IP address part of the authentication data in the cookie.
  • cone.auth_timeout: Defaults to None. Maximum number of seconds which a newly issued ticket will be considered valid.
  • cone.auth_reissue_time: Defaults to None. If this parameter is set, it represents the number of seconds that must pass before an authentication token cookie is reissued.
  • cone.auth_max_age: Default to None. The max age of the auth_tkt cookie, in seconds. This differs from timeout inasmuch as timeout represents the lifetime of the ticket contained in the cookie, while this value represents the lifetime of the cookie itself.
  • cone.auth_http_only: Defaults to False. Hide cookie from JavaScript by setting the HttpOnly flag.
  • cone.auth_path: Defaults to /. The path for which the authentication cookie is valid.
  • cone.auth_wild_domain: Defaults to True. An authentication cookie will be generated for the wildcard domain.

User and Group Management Backend Configuration

In, providing a User and Group database is done by using a concrete User and Group Management (UGM) implementation.

If desired, the concrete UGM implementation is created on application startup.

  • ugm.backend: Registration name of UGM implementation.

A default file based UGM factory is registered under name file, which creates a cone.ugm.file.Ugm instance.

Configuration is done through the following parameters.

  • ugm.users_file: Path to users file
  • ugm.groups_file: Path to groups file
  • ugm.roles_file: Path to roles file
  • ugm.datadir Path to userdata directory
NOTE: If no UGM backend is configured, the only available user in the
application is the one defined as cone.admin_user.

Main Template

The main template can be set in the application configuration file.

  • cone.main_template: Main template to use.

Available Languages

If it’s desired to allow the user to change UI language on the fly, define available languages in configuration file.

  • cone.available_languages: Comma separated list of available languages.

If available languages are defined, a language selection dropdown menu gets displayed in the mainmenu.

Plugin Loading

Application Plugins needs to be defined in the application configuration in order to be included. Plugins are included in defined order.

First the ZCML configuration of all Plugins is invoked. Then all Plugin main hook functions are called.

  • cone.plugins: List of plugin package names.

Root Model Configuration

Some aspects of the model root node can be set via the application configuration file.

  • cone.root.title: Title of the application.
  • cone.root.default_child: Key of the default child which should be displayed instead of root model node when accessing root URL.
  • cone.root.default_content_tile: Default content tile for root model node.
  • cone.root.mainmenu_empty_title: Flag whether to suppress rendering main menu titles.