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cone - A Comprehensive Web Application Stub

Introduction offers a Web Application Stub built on top of the Pyramid framework.

The authors of this package are coming from Zope and Plone development, thus a developer originating those domains will be familiar with lots of the concepts used.

The package does not aim to provide another CMS. provides an environment for building Web Applications used to publish and modify node based data models.

Nodes describes a unified contract the data model must follow, regardless of the physical data storage backend.

By depending on the node contracts, we ensure that data models are traversable by Pyramid and can be published.

The same contracts make it possibe to build generic reusable User Interface components. This components are primarily implemented as Tiles utilizing cone.tile.

For AJAX operations bdajax is utilized.

YAFOWIL is used as Form processing library.

For authentication and authorization node.ext.ugm contract is expected.

plumber is utilized for providing several application model and UI related behaviors.

Bootstrap is used for a pretty, modern and responsive look and feel.


  • Base Application UI
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Basic Application Model
  • CRUD
  • Workflows
  • Common UI Elements
  • AJAX Helpers
  • Application Extensions as Plugins