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Main Template

The main template of can be altered by overriding

import = 'cone.example.browser:templates/'

Alternatively, the main template can be defined in the Application ini config file:

.. code-block:: ini
[app:example] cone.main_template = cone.example.browser:templates/

Application Layout

The main layout of the application is implemented as tile with name layout.

The referring template lives in and is structured as follows.


The layout can be configured for each application node. Layout configuration is described in and is registered for one or more model classes with decorator.

from import layout_config
from import BaseNode
from import LayoutConfig

class CustomNodeOne(BaseNode):

class CustomNodeTwo(BaseNode):

@layout_config(CustomNodeOne, CustomNodeTwo)
class CustomLayoutConfig(LayoutConfig)

    def __init__(self, model, request):
        super(ExampleNodeLayoutConfig, self).__init__(model, request)
        self.mainmenu = True
        self.mainmenu_fluid = False
        self.livesearch = True
        self.personaltools = True
        self.columns_fluid = False
        self.pathbar = True
        self.sidebar_left = ['navtree']
        self.sidebar_left_grid_width = 3
        self.content_grid_width = 9

Provided layout settings:

  • mainmenu: Flag whether to display mainmenu.
  • mainmenu_fluid: Flag whether mainmenu is fluid.
  • livesearch: Flag whether to display livesearch.
  • personaltools: Flag whether to display personaltools.
  • columns_fluid: Flag whether columns are fluid.
  • pathbar: Flag whether to display pathbar.
  • sidebar_left: List of tiles by name which should be rendered in sidebar.
  • sidebar_left_grid_width: Sidebar grid width as integer, total grid width is 12.
  • content_grid_width: Content grid width as integer, total grid width is 12.


Prior to 1.0rc1, layout configuration was done either via layout property on application model node or with an ILayout implementing adapter. These methods still work but are deprecated and will be removed as of 1.1